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Conrad Braam

The past, the boring bits that we would change.

DisplayLink Jan 2018 - June 2018

6 month contract ,Snr Test engineer. Role/Projects

  • Manual testing, test analysis and test automation. 
  • Testing of prototype projects and defect verification 
Skills and Tools
  • Python, Powershell and DOS scripting. 
  • Subversion 

Citrix Research: XenDesktop (2010 – 2017)

Joined as contractor to cover all the testing for a new device driver, but moved into a team created to develop a turn-key test-automation framework for Continuous Integration. We created a turn-key testing system; provisioning Windows AD and distributed VLAN hosts.


  • Designing, creating and deploying a testing framework to internal teams worldwide.

  • Created a system for managing virtualized Machines in mini test-farms.

  • Created and maintained fully-automated software test-suites for next 6 years of XenDesktop product releases.

  • Became a subject matter expert, providing training and helping teams design and build test environments.

Skills and Tools

  • Jenkins, Teamcity, Powershell and controlling virtualized infrastructure.

  • Jira defect tracking and Agile process.

  • Perforce and GIT.

  • Xenserver and CloudStack.

  • Agile: Scrum team and sprint planning.

  • Open-Cover code Coverage tool : Have also used Bulldog in the past.

Clear Com : Vitec Group (2008 -2009)

Clear Com design and market a complete hybrid digital intercom system.  Customers include Live Performance, Broadcasters, Military, Aerospace and Government.

Experience gained

  • Both uC-Linux (Blackfin DSP) on digital audio “stations” a 8260 PowerPC processor card in ‘C’.

  • Design and develop C# .NET server components to perform configuration, control and monitoring of a PowerPC processor card and networked stations.


  • Open Source Tools: CPPUnit, N-Unit, and Cruise Control.NET.

  • Installed a MediaWiki knowledge base, and a Bugzilla bug-tracker.

  • Toolchain: Use of a cross-compiler, bash scripting, Makefiles, CMAKE as well as GDB.

Symbian Limited : Nokia (2006 – 2008)

Symbian developed the high-end smart-phone RTOS that evolved from the Psion portable organizers and powered many Nokia devices.


  • Defect fixer on USB and Bluetooth team.

  • Test designer + implementer to the USB project.

  • Created plugins for ROBOT framework.

  • USB stack on-the-go (OTG) embedded host test lead.

  • Maintaining integration test-farm, overnight project builds, and “real-target” tests and a reporting dashboard.


  • Tools: ARM tool-chain and GCC, Perforce.

  • C++, Perl scripting; CodeWarrior and Eclipse IDE.

Adroit Technologies (1992 – 2006)

Adroit Technologies develop an industrial control system on the Windows platform, in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I started as a junior developer on a ‘C’ coding role and progressed to team lead.


  • Research and incorporate new techniques and technologies.

  • Perform technology presentations to customers.

  • Reverse engineer protocols.

  • Gather customer requirements. Produced designs and wrote user documentation.


  • Tools: Visual Studio, SourceSafe, Ethereal/ Wire-shark.

  • C++, Multithreading, MFC, STL.


Early Studies

  • 1991-1992 : My first full-time work involved installing LAN and WAN for a contractor.  I ran a 2-3 man team, specialized in troubleshooting networks and tackling difficult cable installations.

  • 1991: I trained in formal software development, with a full-time COBOL course at the well known Van Zyl and Pritchard institution, in Johannesburg.

  • 1989-1990: Military service: Kept myself busy with basic radio maintenance working in the signal corps. Got hooked on programming her, after using a base admin computer at night to write a ration-ordering prediction program in Borland Pascal.

  • 1988-1989:  Electrical Engineering Light Current at the Cape Town Technicon (equivalent to a polytechnic).

  • 1987: High school final year, taught myself 8086(Intel) MASM, and Borland ‘C’.  I then helped write parts of a data-capture application on DOS.


An electronics hobbyist and Arduino hacker ; I also enjoy singing, in a large local choir.

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