Hire Me

This website is pretty much my professional front door. It gets updated whenever I am looking for work, like now in June 2018. I am looking for Senior Test/Dev roles often permanent, sometimes contract too.
The site name is a play on my hobby interest with embedded devices.
  • Intelligence - (noun). A capacity for learning, acknowledging events and information in ways that benefit our partners and ourselves.
  • Embedded - built in and firmly under the hood.
Goal: Reliably automate the minimum test automation set to support a rapid software release cycle. 
I am a Software tester with a difference, because I was once a developer. Now I want help by creating automated tests and by plumbing them into your CI system to give developers constant unbiased feedback. Feedback that lets teams crank the handle to release sooner and more often. 
  Conrad Braam (NDBG).

    Embedded Intelligence. United Kingdom - Company registration #11107198 (12/12/2017).