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Conrad Braam

I self learned enough 8086 instruction set before leaving school, to write a simple screensaver for DOS. I do not have a university degree, but love working with people who do.

Once you get me out of my shell I can be that, always happy and positive, team member.

Test Automation is expensive in many ways, my desire is to build low maintenance automated-testing systems and fix the requirements and risk analysis that gave you flakey tests to start with. I want to share what automation tricks I have learned, and grow people's confidence in automation, as a career goal. When looking for a job, I’m most interested in the new and the hard problems. Preferably ones that involve some hardware.

Test Automation Expert

In 1992 I started out developing comms drivers, for a small company developing an industrial control system. I moved to the UK in 2006, joined Symbian mobile, and got hooked on test automation. In 2008 I joined Clearcom who sell a digital audio and Voip solution hosted on micro-linux, and built a CI/CD test system while there. In 2010 I joined Citrix to do the testing on a new device-driver, and ended up building a large CI/CD test system once again.

I have over 25 years experience developing software, 11 of those as a full time automation tester.

  • I have designed, built and then managed tests in demanding Continuous Integration environments where previously no automated testing was happening.

  • I can deploy tests to Windows and to various Embedded hardware platforms and enjoy the challenge to orchestrate and remotely control devices.

  • Jenkins, Teamcity, Cruise Control. Incorporating CPPUnit, NUnit and custom test tool-chains.

  • I can code in many languages, but scripting Powershell and Python lately.

  • I have automated tests for C# .NET WPF forms (GUI testing) using Ranorex.

  • Ramping up on Java now after being a C and C++ coder for too long.

  • A can-do trouble-shooter good at researching & knowledge transfer.

Part time arduino hacker and chorister.

Conrad Braam,
Nov 27, 2017, 5:17 AM